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vi-Quick Reference

Editing Commands

i, a Insert text before, after cursor
I, A Insert text at beginning, end of line
o, O Open new line for text below, above cursor
r Change character
cw Change word
cc Change current line
C Change to end of line
R Type over characters
s Delete character and substitute text
S Delete current line and substitute text
Delete, move
x Delete character
X Delete character before cursor
dw Delete word
dd Delete current line
D Delete to end of line
p, P Put deleted text after, before cursor
" n p Put text from delete buffer number n after cursor (for last nine deletions)
yw Yank (copy) word
yy Yank current line
" a yy Yank current line into named buffer a
p, P Put yanked text after, before cursor
" a P Put text from buffer a before cursor
Other commands
. Repeat last edit command
u, U Undo last edit; restore current line
J Join two lines
ex edit commands
:d Delete lines
:m Move lines
:co or :t Copy lines
:.,$d Delete from current line to end of file
:30,60m0 Move lines 30 through 60 to top of file
:.,/ pattern /co$ Copy from current line through line containing pattern to end of file

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