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vi-Quick Reference

Other ex Commands

:map x sequence Define keystroke x as a command sequence
:map! x sequence Define x as command sequence for insert mode
:unmap x Disable the map x
:unmap! x Disable insert mode map x
:ab abbr phrase Abbreviate phrase as abbr; when abbr is typed in insert mode, it expands to full words or phrases
:unab abbr Disable abbreviation
Customizing environment:[1]
:set option Activate option
:set option=value Assign value to option
:set no option Deactivate option
:set Display options set by user
:set all Display list of all current options, both default and those set by the user
:set option ? Display value of option
: Invoke ex from vi editor
:vi Invoke vi editor from ex
:sh Invoke shell
^D Return to editor from shell
:! command Give UNIX command
:r newfile Read contents of newfile into current file
:r ! command Read output of UNIX command into current file

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